The Owl Creek Raiders

About Us and Who's Who

Founded in 2004 as the Moniteau Creek River Raiders, we changed our name to Owl Creek Raders when we moved to the Owl Creek Sportsman's Club in 2014. We have a non-stop tradition of camaraderie and the cowboy way set right in the heart of Missouri near the historic town of Millersburg.

Visitors and guests are always welcome at an Owl Creek Raiders shoot. Be sure to bring eye and ear protection.

Owl Creek Raiders and Guests:

We will continue with our safety rules this season. New shooters who have never fired a handgun will need to attend a firearm safety course and show proof of graduation prior to participating in our shoot.

Those who are familiar with firearms but are brand new to cowboy action shooting may go through our orientation. One of our officers will evaluate new shooters and demonstrate proper safety and gun handling technique. We just want to make sure everyone on a posse is on the same page. This will make everything safer in the long run. Our welcome page has more information of possible interest to new shooters.

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Owl Creek Raiders Contacts: email
Ivory Jack, range master
Owl Creek Webslinger, webmaster

Here is a map to the range:

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Owl Creek Raiders is a SASS affiliated posse

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