The Owl Creek Raiders

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Owl Creek Raiders
RFD #1
Hooterville, Old West

Greetings from Hooterville to all the cowboys and cowgirls and citizens of the old west! Welcome to our WWW site. If you are new to Cowboy Action Shooting or are just curious about it then please visit our Welcome page for some good information.

We will be shooting this Saturday, September 9, 2023. We would appreciate anyone who can help us set up, be there at 8:00. We will sign up around 9:00 and begin shooting shortly thereafter. Bring ammo for 6 quick stages. We have ice water on hand.

Hope to see ya'all there.
Squash and Ivory

Squash Blossom's recap of our July 8, 2023 shoot is on the Newsletter page.

The July 8th shoot scores are also posted on the Schedule page.

Our cowboy shooting is an activity of the Owl Creek Sportsman's Club five miles south of Millersburg, Mo (map).

Warden Callaway post new videos on the Owl Creek Raiders' YouTube channel.

Click --> here <-- for a map to the range.

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