The Owl Creek Raiders

September 2023 Newsletter

Squash Blossom

September 9, 2023

We had 20 shooters show up to throw some lead down range.

The G00D!!!! Congratulations to Long Ranger and Doc Hurd for shooting a clean match!!!!! The Bad... Buffalo Chip Jed had a +20 penality added to his score, because he failed to shoot without a hat!!!!!

A special heartfelt thanks to each and every one who shows up early and stays late to help us. It means a lot.

Thank you Helen, she kept score for the other posse today.

New-to-us shooters were Safari Sam, Blind Bill, and Leroy Luck. Hope you come back and shoot with us again.

Back for another year, our last shoot will be The Fun Shoot. It will be Saturday, October 14. Bring plenty of ammo and guns. We may also have a Gatlin gun to shoot!! Yee Haw!

Be safe.
Ivory and Squash

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