The Owl Creek Raiders

October 2019 Newsletter

Sawmill Mary

Oct. 13, 2019

Fourteen of us hearty souls showed up on Saturday morning in the frosty weather to shoot some steel. We had a terrific time. Ivory Jack and Squash Blossom were back from the hills of Wyoming and a few "stones" lighter. Ivory was shooting fast.

Ken and Jackie had only a couple of seconds difference in their total scores (Ken did not miss any targets). Maybe he's been sneaking out and practicing. Doc Hurd blazed away, a usual. Jackson did a darn good job shooting gun fighter style with a weakened wrist. Reuben James only missed 1 target. Otto Mattox was back from Colorado. Apparently Yellowstone Jim had made a trip to Ireland! Nice to see Stoney Bottoms and Fat Chance Bucko again. Thanks Bucko for running the timer for most of the match. You are very good at that. Nana Rose attempted to keep her frozen feet in the sunshine, hoping they would thaw out.

Warden Callaway came with 5 handguns and a lot of smoke to shoot Josey Wales style. Great job of keeping it fun. No brass to pick up. The temperature did get comfortable enough that coats were not required.

The targets were put away FAST. Thank you to another terrific posse.

But you folks who weren't there - - - we miss you. You have a possible chance to join us next month. Ivory Jack wants to hold a fun match in November. It will be the second Saturday, weather permitting (if questions, contact Ivory Jack).

Shoot at Parker, Kansas is next weekend. Shoot at Branson Classic is last weekend of the month.

Until the next time, clean your guns, tighten your screws, and reload some ammo,
Sawmill Mary

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