The Owl Creek Raiders

Oct 2021 Newsletter

Squash Blossom

October 9, 2021

Twenty five shooters showed up to throw some lead down range on a beautiful autumn day. We had lots of good help setting up and taking down the stages.

Thanks to all that helped me do all the things Ivory usually takes care of. We are blessed with a good group of shooters!

Clean match: Squash Blossom. 1 miss: Long Ranger, Lonesome Ryder, Gunsmith Frank, Doc Hurd, and Otto Mattix.

As you can see, we had 3 buckaroos! They will be giving us fits in the near future.

Big thank you to all who set up and took down the steel. Until next season,

Squash Blossom

Click --> here <-- for a map to the range.

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